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Note that there are some unresolved issues with observations name auto-linking to images. If it seems not to make sense, that's only because it doesn't.

Sol 151: Remote sensing [weekend]

Sol 150: Remote sensing [weekend]

Sol 149: Doc Dodo-Goldilocks grooming; [recharge]

Sol 148: Doc La Mancha grooming; remote sensing

Sol 147: Doc King's Men slide into Ice Man; remote sensing

Sol 146: Doc Stone Soup and lower Upper Cupboard trenching; light remote sensing

Sol 145: Doc trenching at King's Men (Ice Man); Remote sensing

Sol 144: Doc trenches, Snow White; Remote sensing [weekend]

Sol 143: Doc Snow White scrape; Remote sensing [weekemd]

Sol 142: Doc King's Men, deck; Remote sensing

Sol 141: Remote sensing

Sol 140: Doc Stone Soup trenching; remote sensing

Sol 139: Remote sensing

Sol 138: Remote sensing

Sol 137: Remote sensing

Sol 136: Dcoument Rosy Red N+1; remote sensing

Sol 135: Batten down hatches

Sol 134: Doc La Mancha trenching; remote sensing

Sol 133: Doc Pet Donkey trenching; remote sensing

Sol 132: Doc La Mancha trenching; remote sensing

Sol 131: Remote sensing (trenches, photometry, atmospheres)

Sol 130: Doc acquisition of Rosy Red N; remote sensing

Sol 129: Doc Pet Donkey digging; remote sensing

Sol 128: Doc Galloping Hessian delivery to OM, Pet Donkey dig, ; remote sensing

Sol 127: Doc La Mancha trenching; coordinated remote sensing

Sol 126: Doc Wicked Witch 2, TA-1; remote sensing

Sol 125: Doc Galloping Hessian acquisition and delivery to OM, change monitoring; remote sensing

Sol 124: Atmospheric runout (weekend plan)

Sol 123: OFB doc, change monitoring; remote sensing

Sol 122: Change monitoring; remote sensing

Sol 121: TECP doc, change monitoring; remote sensing

Sol 120: Snow White, TA-1 del doc; remote sensing

Sol 119: TECP doc; remote sensing

Sol 118: Doc Snow White scraping; remote sensing (MRO coordination)

Sol 117: Document Headless slide; remote sensing

Sol 116: Document Snow White scrapes, DG wall press, RAC LEDs; WCL-3 pile change monitoring; remote sensing

Sol 115: Document Neverland grooming; remote sensing

Sol 114: Document Upper Cupboard expansion; remote sensing

Sol 113: Document acquisition and delivery to TA-1; remote sensing including MRO coordination

Sol 112: Remote sensing including MRO coordination

Sol 111: Lots of remote sensing

Sol 110: Document Golden Goose sample to OM; image OFB; remote sensing

Sol 109: OFB doc, TECp doc; remote sensing including better dust devil hunting (note: "door open" activity is a misnomer)

Sol 108: Runout. [Was: Document sample acquisition and delivery to TA-1, pre-sample OFB; remote sensing]

Sol 107: Document Sorceress-2 delivery to WCL-2; remote sensing including dust devil hunting

Sol 106: Hold sample [restricted sol]; remote sensing

Sol 105: Document Sorceress 2 acquisition; remote sensing

Sol 104: Remote sensing

Sol 103: Document non-sample in Snow White; remote sensing

Sol 102: Document GG3 sample and transfer to WCL3; remote sensing

Sol 101: Document Snow White scraping and Golden Goose 3 sample acquisition; remote sensing

Sol 100: Document Neverland trench preparation; remote sensing & night imaging

Sol 099: Document TECP retraction, Golden Key sample acquisition and delivery to OM; remote sensing

Sol 098: Bear's Lodge dig documentation; remote sensing

Sol 097: Remote sensing

Sol 096: Document GG2 delivery to WCL-3, TEGA door 1; remote sensing; night science

Sol 095: Post-sample (Golden Goose 2) Stone Soup doc, remote sensing

Sol 094: Ice delivery test doc, remote sensing

Sol 093: Stone Soup expansion doc, remote sensing

Sol 092: Drop sample. Load plate test; sunrise & remote sensing

Sol 091: Hold sample (restricted sols). Remote sensing and continued Stone Soup documentation

Sol 090: Complete primary mission. Document Golden Goose sample site in Stone Soup; remote sensing of workspace and sky

Sol 089: Document Snow White scraping and sol 88 trench; TA-0 del pose; 090 sunrise and remote sensing

Sol 088: Document Stone Soup deepening and dump pile; WCL-3 del pose images; remote sensing

Sol 087: Document Cupboard scraping and sample site; remote sensing

Sol 086: Image TECP and Upper Cupboard RAC sample site; frost monitoring; coordinated and other remote sensing

Sol 085: Document Burning Coals delivery to TA-7, Stone Soup trenching; frost monitoring and other remote sensing

Sol 084: Frost monitoring, workspace DEM, remote sensing

Sol 083: Burning Coals acquisition, redux; early moring, daytime, and late night remote sensing

Sol 082: Post-sample documentation of Burn Alive; remote sensing

Sol 081: Document Burning Coals sample acquisition; coordinated day and night remote sensing

Sol 080: Remote sensing including some catch-up dig doc

Sol 079: Document grooming of Burn Alive, TA-7 door open; remote sensing

Sol 078: Image Snow White after cleaning, document Stone Soup dig, possible pre-sample doc in Burn-Alive; remote sensing

Sol 077: Document Burn Alive deepening and Upper Cupboard widening; remote sensing

Sol 076: Document Stone Soup dig (Dodo-Goldi-Stone-Cupboard?), TA7 delivery pose; remote sensing

Sol 075: MRO-coordinated remote sensing, document Burn-Alive dig and WW delivery to OM

Sol 074: Document "Stone Soup" trench (because Dodo, Goldilocks, Upper and Lower Cupboard aren't enough names for 1/4 square meter of Mars) and Wicked Witch 2 sample acquisition for OM; remote sensing

Sol 073: Document Neverland digging; remote sensing

Sol 072: Rosy Red 3 acquire, delivery, and site documentation; atmo and surface remote sensing

Sol 071: Document TECP extraction and Neverland dig; catch up on dig documentation

Sol 070: Photometry; up all night, atmosphere remote sensing with MRO

Sol 069: Image lower-cupboard dig; photometry experiment

Sol 068: Image Neverland trench, Snow White headwall grooming, atmospheric and laser light show targets

Sol 067: Document delivery of "?" to OM, and initiation of upper-cupboard trench

Sol 066: Document WCL-0 redelivery attempt (Rosy Red 2), atmospheric remote sensing

Sol 065: Document WCL-0 redelivery attempt (Rosy Red 2), atmospheric remote sensing

Sol 064: Deliver Wicked Witch soil to TEGA

Sol 063: Atmospheric-focus remote sensing

Sol 062: Document acquisition and delivery of "Shoes of Fortune" to TEGA

Sol 061: Imaging diagnoses of attempts to remove Glass Slipper 1

Sol 060: Document acquisition and delivery of "Glass Slipper" to TEGA

Sol 059: Remote sensing, change monitoring of DG & SW

Sol 058: Image placements of load plate and document scraping, change monitoring of Snow White

Sol 057: Document scrape fest, change monitoring of Snow White

Sol 056: Document rasp test

Sol 055: MRO-coordinated 24-hour atmospheric campaign

Sol 054: Document rasp test and TECP insertion

Sol 053: Document rasp test #2, remote sensing

Sol 052: Document scraping retry, remote sensing

Sol 051: Document scraping snow white extension, remote sensing

Sol 050: Document rasp load plate & drill duration test, remote sensing

Sol 049: Document extension of Snow White, remote sensing

Sol 048: Image RA at Alice, remote sensing, night imaging

Sol 047: Document TECP extraction, load plate & rasp test, remote sensing

Sol 046: Document TECP insertion, remote sensing, night image test

Sol 045: Scraping/cleaning in Wonderland, remote sensing

Sol 044: Finish AFM checkout, image RA at TA-0 delivery pose, RAC under lander, remote sensing

Sol 043: WCL1-B, remote sensing, RAC divot monitoring, TECP touch test 2

Sol 042: Clean and scrape Wonderland, RAC divot monitoring, AFM checkout part 1

Sol 041: Sorceress sample transfer and WCL1-A, TECP touch test

Sol 040: Remote sensing/standdown.

Sol 039: Remote sensing/standdown. Happy Independence Sol!

Sol 038: Deliver (partial scoop of Sorceress) to OM

Sol 037: Hold sample, coordinated photometry experiment with MRO

Sol 036: Hold sample, atmospheric and change detection imaging, acquire TECP placement "before" images

Sol 035: Hold sample in TEGA delivery pose, remote sensing (deck pan part 1)

Sol 034: Sample in Wonderland with documentation, practice TEGA & WCL delivery pose

Sol 033: Scraping in Wonderland, OM & remote sensing

Sol 032: Scraping in Wonderland, atmospheric intensive sol

Sol 031: Scraping in Wonderland, TECP profile, image Holy Cow

Sol 030: WCL Rosy Red delivery, TEGA air delivery test, remote sensing

Sol 029: WCL delivery reposition, atmospheric science

Sol 028: WCL test, remote sensing, hold sample for WCL

Sol 027: Exit safe mode (was: WCL test, remote sensing, hold sample for WCL)

Sol 026: Deliver to OM, document delivery and TEGA doors

Sol 025: Acquire Rosy Red sample for OM, from next to Snow White

Sol 024: Resume operations, dig Snow White 2, hit hard stuff

Sol 023: None of the above

Sol 022: Open up Wonderland for exploration

Sol 021: Atmosphere sol

Sol 020: Continue dodo trenching, wantonly destroy fragment

Sol 019: More digging, dislodge interesting fragment

Sol 018: Strip mine Dodo

Sol 017: Deliver to MECA

Sol 016: MRO/PHX coordinated observations

Sol 015: Sprinkle gently on MECA

Sol 014: Get ready to bury MECA

Sol 013: Find missing spring to go with found spring

Sol 012: Bury TEGA

Sol 011: Sample for TEGA

Sol 010: Runout

Sol 009: Document sample site

Sol 008: Document TEGA, OM prep; image workspace

Sol 007: Dig! (well, test sample)

Sol 006: Image RA touch, TEGA prep, workspace

Sol 005: Document Queen of Hearts

Sol 004: Finish unstow RA

Sol 003: Look around more, unstow RA

Sol 002: Runout

Sol 001: Start looking around

Sol 000: Land


Contact: Mark Lemmon, Phoenix SSI lead, Texas A&M

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