Phoenix Mars Lander Surface Stereo Imager

Phoenix Surface Stereo Imager (SSI)

Mars color images by SSI, sols 0-90

Mars color images by SSI, sols 90-151

Color pans

This image gallery has approximate true color images (sRGB format JPEGs) from most SSI color image sets. Where the set had 5 or 6 right eye filters, high quality color is dereived. Where fwer filters are available, a model was used to maximize the match in appearance of Martian soils when compared to 6-filter data. This does not work as well for spacecraft parts. The images have been processed in varying levels, including deconvolutions of higher quality images, missing packet "replacement", image alignment, etc. It didn't always work, but mostly had good results. In particular, there are still some alignment errors in the mixed-resolution data set (which was processed to restore full resolution). So, if you don't like this level of processing, this gallery is not for you.

Filenames: Files generally inherit the name of an image in the set (L1 or R1 if available), except for the .jpg extension and the filter list. If the filename ends R2CBA18TB.jpg, the "R2CBA18" indicates filters: Right eye, filters 2+C+B+A+1+8 (increasing wavelength), a full 6f set. R28 or L21 denote 2f sets using violet+red or infrared.

For the technically inclined: note that the illuminant is chosen to be the illumination of the Martian surface at the moment of the imaging, in contrast to the sRGB standard. Equivalently, this shows what the terrain would look like if it were viewed with D65 illuminant.

The SSI sol-by-sol gallery is here.

SSI information is here.

The SSI science lead is Dr. Mark Lemmon of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, College of Geosciences, Texas A&M University.